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July 1, 2015, 11:27 a.m. -  NatBrown

#!markdown Really good topic for people to discuss and think about. In the big picture, of course MTB is for rich folks. Even without going to that extent, it should be reasonably obvious to any thoughtful person that a significant proportion of people in almost all westernised nations would find MTB beyond their means. So, I think articles like this are important and props to NSMB for publishing it, and Seb for writing it. By publicising these quality entry-level bikes, we can increase the number of less fortunate folks riding, and increase diversity on the trails. We all benefit from the latter. Anyone who makes sweeping statements that people of little means should just get a better job to get into biking has a poor concept of economics, is unaware of their own privilege, or has some deficit in empathy.

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