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Oct. 31, 2022, 6:56 a.m. -  skywalkdontrun

I have a '22 EVO Expert (carbon frame, Performance Elite suspension, otherwise exact same bike) and it's the best trail bike I've ever ridden.  I live on the East Coast, and I use it for everything, xc rides, jumps, gnar, even the occasional bikepark day or enduro race.  I run it pretty much exclusively in the high/neutral position to keep the bottom bracket out of the way, and not make the uphill steering too sloppy, but I have a buddy who runs his in the low/steep setting and swears by it for everything (granted, he was a pro BMX racer, so that might have something to do with it).  The Alloy version of the bike is really nice, but I actually think the carbon Expert level is a better value.  The difference between Factory and Performance Elite Fox suspension is color (kashima is great for cookwear, but doesn't make a difference in non-motorized suspension), and for $200 more you're cutting over a pound of weight, getting a stiffer frame, and a better drivetrain (XO vs. GX).  For '23 the "RS" version looks even better with a Lyrik select+ and full carbon for $6k USD flat.  Aluminum is great, but I'd rather see the same component spec as the Expert level carbon bike, and see the price down around $5k than get the bling of Factory suspension and have to pay more than a carbon frame bike with arguably better value.

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