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Oct. 12, 2022, 2:16 p.m. -  woofer2609

Good to know. The fork sucks (I mean it might ride nice as it is an oil 'n coil fork, but it weighs....weight(!) for it 7.3 pounds!!!!! There are lots of good take off forks around, and it is well suited to the 150mm Pike to keep the Axle to crown the same. The adjustable dropouts are a nice touch on the Kona, Especially in that you can run a 1 speed to get even more back to basics. Growler geometry is excellent, base rear wheel was poorly built (many spokes came loose), and paint quality is nothing to write home about (chips easily).  The size large accepts a 200mm Brand X, so would probably take a 240 oneup if one was tall enough. I have a '21 so it has Tektro brakes (decent) and Deore 10spd with the 11-46t Sunrace cassette. The cassette is fantastic. They nailed the gear ratio spread and it shifts flawlessly (this is my first attempt with Sunrace.) I have a Microshift Advent X setup waiting for another bike, and am curious as to it's quality and functionality. The 2022 Growler 20 has the same 11-48t AdventX which is pretty highly regarded. In regards to the Kobain,  it SHOULD cost 13% less to bike store owners due to lack of import duties (if Devinci passes this on), so could represent good value. One oddity about the Kobain is the 2 different models use different offset forks (44 vs. 51) on the spec sheet, but Devinci isn't quick to update their specs. The 12spd model looks like a real ripper without changing many (if any) parts.

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