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July 13, 2015, 9:31 a.m. -  Tim Coleman

#!markdown Hey Morgan. Yeah I've ridden the Vigilante 2.3, I don't believe there is a 2.4 option. Did you use the High Grip or Fast Rolling option? I liked the 2.3″ High Grip version. That and the Magic Mary are my go to front tires right now. They excel in all loose conditions, but when riding on hard pack conditions I'm finding the side knobs, especially on the Magic Mary / HR2, are a bit squirmy. I find that using more lean angle on the bike than normal helps a lot. Alternatively for firm conditions where you're finding something like the Vigilante, Magic Mary or High Roller 2 are too supple I'm really like the Maxxis DHR 2 as a front and or rear tire. As for the casing. The Tough Casing tires are heavy, but they've been flawless. I rode the Trail Boss as a rear tire at the Penticton Enduro this year (almost all year actually). Loads of dudes were slicing 3 finger gashes through their Super Gravity Schwalbes / EXO Maxxis and I've had zero issues with the WTBs.

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