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July 13, 2015, 9:54 a.m. -  Morgan Taylor

#!markdown Ah, I guess I just assumed there was a 2.4 Vigilante to complement the tires as tested here. I'm a big fan of the DHR2 front and rear. The Vigilante 2.3 / Trail Boss 2.25 replaced my DHR2s for a short time last year, but the Trail Boss rear out- gripped the front which exacerbated my feeling that the Vigilante side knobs could have been spaced wider on the casing. My local conditions are primarily dry loam (woe is me…) without much hardpack. The Vigilante was a High Grip with regular casing and the Trail boss was a Fast Rolling TCS Tough casing. Both were heavier than claimed by a significant amount and heavier than my DHR2s by more than I liked, so I put a DHR2 back on the front and a Purgatory Grid on the rear for the short time before I started riding the Ice Cream Truck full time.

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