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July 13, 2015, 10:15 a.m. -  Tim Coleman

#!markdown Interesting! Did you have a special Vigilante? I thought the High Grip version only came in the heavier Tough Casing. I slightly preferred the Vigilante in the soft stuff, and the DHR2 on the hard pack, but they both have fairly densely packed side knobs. For soft dry loam I would personally run something more aggressive like a High Roller 2 front and something like the Trail Boss rear. Side knobs on the Trail Boss are excellent, but I haven't found them to out grip Vigilante or Magic Mary, then again I do ride fairly aggressively over the front of the bike, and as I'm sure you remember they aren't many dry loamy trails around these parts. Neat to hear a different perspective! I found weights on the tires I tested close to the claimed weight, but all the tires I have are the Tough Casing wider variants. It looks like their might be some variation in claimed weight for various sizes / constructions.

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