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Oct. 5, 2022, 10:03 p.m. -  Sven Luebke

We both pedaled a stock Giant Reign and Hail Advanced (the old 27.5 ones), fully loaded camping from Auckland to Rotorua.  Best and worst ride of our life! -rough mountainous gravel roads (great gearing, perfect tires, nice to have suspension, I don't know how people ride this on road (gravel) bikes) -pea gravel paths (this sucked, wrong gearing, super slow tires) -shoulderless 100 kph highways (this really sucked, we ending riding along the ditch for safety, the mtb were perfect!) -undulating gradual downhill flow trails next to a river (amazing!) -endless rough mountainous gravel roads (again, happy to not be on a gravel bike, but way too slow) -DH trails and shuttling with friends in Rotorua for 2 days (amazing, this is actually why we went there!) -stupid Covid shutdowns canceled our holiday plans to ride back to the airport and put our bikes in a rental van. (no bike deserves this!)

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