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July 13, 2015, 10:18 a.m. -  Morgan Taylor

#!markdown The Purgatory and Trail Boss are in different leagues. The Purgatory Grid is an aggressive XC tread with a more robust (800g) casing. Compared to the 750g Purgatory Control it is a far more suitable tire for aggressive riding as the casing doesn't fold nearly as easily. The Purgatory is fast and relatively light, but low on grip compared to the more common Enduro tires. I was happy with dual Purgatory 2.3s on my XC bike for Shore riding but for bikes that will let you push the limits of a Maxxis EXO casing (anything with a Pike?) I would consider them undergunned. The Trail Boss is high on traction, especially laterally, to the point that Tim is happy using it on the front. 1100 grams though? My fat bike has 1200 gram tires!

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