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July 13, 2015, 10:31 a.m. -  Morgan Taylor

#!markdown Actually now that you mention it, the Vigilante probably was a Fast Rolling (though there was no sidewall marking), and the casing was TCS Light. It looks like WTB has updated their claimed weights since I rode and weighed them last year. I believe our opinions differ on the HR2. I find the 2.3 squirmy and slippery in most conditions, AND slow rolling. I would never choose it over a DHR2 - and that's without mentioning that the HR2 is 100g heavier in the same casing. The 2.4 is one of those tires with significantly larger knobs than the 2.3, and I know it has different characteristics. Dry loam is, in my opinion, a plentiful summer staple on the Shore, but not when you're pre-riding Enduro courses 😉

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