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July 15, 2015, 9:55 a.m. -  AndrewR

#!markdown I recently threw a set of Breakout 2.5s on my Nomad as a "why not try something different experiment?". There was nothing wrong with the Continental Trail King 2.4s I was running but I guess I had tinkered with every other part of my bike and was curious about WTB and their newer patterns and casings. I am pretty impressed by them. Yes they are heavy (Tough Fast Rolling Rear/ Tough HIgh Grip Front). I certainly noticed the extra 200 gr per tyre over the Trail Kings. I considered running the 2.3″ on the rear but the weight difference (about 50 gr) did not seem worth the volume loss especially on the Nomad. I have not had a lot of miles on them yet due ACL surgery and certainly not been able to push them really hard but they were pleasantly predictable in off camber rocks and roots. Worth a try if you are considering a WTB dabble. Certainly agree about the tough casings, easy to seat and inflate tubeless too. Nice work WTB. For comparisons sake I have run Maxxis (Ardent, High Roller, High Roller II, DHF and DHR) and whilst I like some of their tread patterns, I don't rate either the side wall strength or the tread wear (their grippy compounds wear out too quickly). I also think Schwalbe wears so much quicker than the Conti Blackchilli Protection versions, so heavier and more expensive tyre which starts loosing side knobs within 2-3 weeks. All tyres are mounted on ENVE M70 rims (25mm inner width) for those that are comparing foot prints) and I generally run 24 psi front and 27 psi rear (I weight 215 lbs with gear).

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