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Sept. 26, 2022, 8:57 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Smaller and way lighter is certainly more of an issue given I haven’t bottomed it yet. But the experience with the basic coil SR fork is much better than expected. ——— You know my rigid MTB credentials. There’s a reason I went straight to that track. Rigid, Plus rubber, dropper, gold! Talking to different folks I know in shops now, riding the bike more, and thinking of my years selling bikes in shops I came around to the basic coil fork in a firm way. I think it’s just too hard of a sale, especially for the limited margin dollars, for shops to convince the average buyer of this bike (I.E. not us) to go rigid over suspension. And even then, in most cases it would be the shop employee selling the bike that would work better for them, not their customer. For a casual rider or aspiring rider, the SR is still much more forgiving of big screwups than a rigid/+ setup. Considering skillset and learning curve on our local Blue-level trails I think a newer rider is going to have more fun on this SQ1 compared to the one I’d rather buy, with a rigid setup.

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