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Sept. 24, 2022, 1:26 p.m. -  helpimabug

The spindle fretting is always the problem on slip fit bearing interfaces where there is nothing to lock the inner race to the shaft (no amount of preload is gonna do it).  Rear hubs are a victim of this, too.  The I9 Hydras are one of the few designs where they got it right by having a spacer between the bearings, so that when you tighten the end caps it locks the races together and to the axle. BBs like Sram’s with plastic bushings in the inner races protect the spindle from wear.  But after about a year the plastic starts to deform, you get a tiny bit of movement and then creaking.  Then people add more and more preload to take away the play, which eventually kills the bearings.  But the bearings weren’t the problem, just the little $0.50 non-replaceable bushings wearing out. (sorry, hope this is a rant-safe space?)

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