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Sept. 23, 2022, 4:24 a.m. -  Lynx .

Well Cooper, the only bit of advice I can give after my experience going into basically this madness (LT100) years ago is this....if you're taking bars or any sort of chewable type nutrition, cut it up into small 1cm cubes, because when you're pushing, it's damn hard to get much more than that chewed and down the gullet with the lack of saliva you'll have in your mouth. Yes, use the little top tube/tri bag, it puts your nutrition much more easily accessible and hence you'll reach in more often and for these types of races, nutrition is THE biggest factor to being successful. Also, don't fvck around with nutrition once you're in, use what you know, don't experiment. Other than that, good luck, do your best to take in all the beautiful scenery and if your brain sees a beautiful scene/shot and says let's stop and take a pic, listen to it and tell the "race fanatic" in you to go fvck off, stop and take the pic. I missed such an epic pic of a line of riders heading up a climb into the woods, shrouded in mist when I did the Laramie Enduro 111 and I'm so, so sorry I did, because honestly there wasn't a snow balls chance in hell I was going to do anything fantabulous finish wise and it would have been an amazing photo to have and look back at.

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