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Sept. 22, 2022, 9:37 p.m. -  Cooper Quinn

Yeah, it'll be enjoyable, and only as hard as I want it to be, really. We're aiming for somewhere between type 2 and type 3 fun, and at least that number of glasses of wine a night.  Yeah, BCBR-G is more or less an excuse to try something different? I'd be perfectly happy (I think, having never done the event) on the Bjorn, but most of the reason I do this review stuff is to try new things, so... hey why not. I'm attempting to line up a suspension fork for that bike to review, so hopefully you'll see it again.  I'll likely pack the Bjorn just as a "backup" bike, so I have a full set of everything should I have some form of major mechanical mishap, or just ride it the rest of the race. The real downside to trying this Specialized is that its gotten me used to AXS on drop bars, and its _really_ nice, especially how it works with the dropper. Is it faster? Well, its certainly lighter and the geo is what you'd consider "racier" by a lot.

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