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Sept. 22, 2022, 12:26 p.m. -  fartymarty

I will try and explain how I got to where I got to... With bikes I tend to remember various thing from the past that are almost absolutes in my mind.  A few examples are : Monster T's were the best fork ever, steel frames are the best because they are repairable, parts need to be strong because I break shit - hence needing DH spec parts on a trail bike. When I think about those same things now maybe they aren't as absolute as they were - Monster T's were plush but boy did they use their travel liberally and they weighed the same as a small car, steel frames are repairable but (he says touching wood) when was the last time I broke a frame, ditto parts.  Also reflecting back on it I knew shit all about bike set up, front / rear weight balance etc compared to now. Maybe we are at the point now where bikes (trail bikes / enduro bikes) are that good that if I was to ride any of my previous bikes then they wouldn't compare to my current trail bike (Murmur with Ohlins coils each end).  And I think this would absolutely be the case.  As such why not just live in the now and largely ignore past and enjoy what you have and enjoy now.  If that changes tomorrow then enjoy that tomorrow but don't over think or dwell on things, just accept. I still think steel is the best material for a frame as it's robust and repairable and I don't think that i'm going to change that opinion anytime soon.  Back to your point - I've come to the conclusion that the mind isn't overly accurate at remembering things - it filters and distorts things and puts your spin on it - at least mine does.  Hence if you want an absolute it's best to refer back to something that is absolute.  But sometimes you don't want absolute...

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