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Sept. 22, 2022, 11:48 a.m. -  Gage Wright

Hi, very grateful for the reply and the time you took to make it. Cassettes lasting longer than "a few months"?  I ride 3-6 days a week on Deore steel, they last longer.  Is this a 157 super boost thing or a higher end cassette thing?  Maybe I need to up my millage but the 8 months of rainy grit on the shore tends to test products pretty good. Scott Ransom and the Pivot Firebird no longer route under the BB.  My friend's 2017 Transition Patrol has cable under the BB but my 2020 Patrol of the same make made the improvement.  The cable do run tight to the front chain ring and limit the max size of chain ring you can have.   It is reassuring that there have been no problems and clearly you guys know what you are doing.  But...would it be too ugly to route through the top tube, exit before the seat mast and run along or through the upper chainstays?   Good work Dustin and Co! From the guy currently saving his money to get one of these.

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