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Sept. 22, 2022, 11:46 a.m. -  Mike Ferrentino

This is where we get into datasets, right? If you worked at a Bridgestone dealer in the early 90s, ovalized headtubes on mb-1 and mb-zip frames were commonplace. The shop I was working was also a Yeti dealer, and this was right as they went to 1.25" "evolution" steerers. Poor tubing selection combined with a perfect heat affected zone meant those forks were notorious for folding up, and despite the MBA approved "these bikes are the toughest bikes made" legend, we had failures galore on those frames. I've personally broken more steel frames than carbon. That's my personal dataset. Out in the real world, I dunno. But I've seen frames made from every material break. Personally, I've never broken an aluminum frame - because I don't ride them very much...

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