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Sept. 21, 2022, 7:20 p.m. -  Shinook

Yes, I have and that was an issue early on and it was pointed out in a bike fit I had done. It's not as much of a problem while climbing as it is going downhill, a lot of our trails are really rough and eroded with extended descents.  I should have added that overall fitness helps a lot. When I was really in shape pre-COVID, I noticed a marked decrease in problems, although it was still there at times, it wasn't as bad. Slipping a bit the last two years due to various factors, it's not as bad as it was but I've noticed its back again. I think for all the great fitness mountain biking is, it doesn't really provide the strength you need in certain areas to perform well and the best thing I found for my particular issue was overall fitness and weight loss, but the issue was still there at times.

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