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Sept. 21, 2022, 3 p.m. -  Shinook

I have really bad hand problems, in my left hand in particular. I've spent thousands on doctors (yay USA), components, gloves, forks, etc to try and find a solution. The closest I got was Flexx bars, but they have their own problems mainly stemming from the elastomers.  Anyway, point being, I've tried a lot and can really tell when things work or when they absolutely don't. The 12 degree sweep SQlab bars made things worse for me, for instance, I think because of the increased pressure on the outside of my hand. I've tried most of these grip options on my bike and they similarly made things worse. I've tried a lot of other things, as well, and RevGrips made a difference for me (esp their "ergonomic" ones).  I've concluded that there are two types of issues that cause hand problems for me: those caused by ergonomics (e.g. nerve entrapment), where the position of your hand and wrist causes nerve irritation and numbness, then those caused by the impact of riding to your hands. My issue seems less to do with the way my hands sit on the bars (unless I go to some crazy amount of sweep or do anything to increase external pressure) and more to do with the impacts on the outside of my hand irritating the nerve.  If you are having problems due to impact and vibration, I think RevGrips make a difference. It's not going to solve your problems, but I can tell an improvement and a difference. The only thing I've used that truly made a massive difference were the Flexx bars, but I think they could use some refinement and try to find a way to get rid of the elastomers. I'm also trying various titanium bars right now with good success. I'd really like to see more options out there. I saw a spy shot of some pros bike a few years ago and he looked like he had some kind of honeycomb type structure under his grips that looked promising, but it never made it to market AFAIK.

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