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Sept. 20, 2022, 9:51 a.m. -  IslandLife

One of the biggest things that keeps me a super fan of Northshore racks... is how small and light it is.  We use our main vehicle for a ton of family things other than mountain biking and so it ends up off the vehicle as much as it's on.  But it's so easy to take off, move around and put back on.  It's so simple that it often gets stored inside.  And when ski season hits, it lives in our utility room for about 4 to 5 months of the year.  The 4 bike rack is only 50 lbs.  Even when we do leave it on... fold it down, adjust the angle and we can still open and close our SUV hatch and it's generally not very in the way.  I see quite a few people moving to those monster wheel cradle racks... the things are gigantic, heavy and always in the way.  The lightest Velocirax is 85 lbs!!  To each their own... but no way I'll dealing with one of those monsters. My north shore rack has been so easy to use and simple yet bomb proof for 4 years now.  Not a lot of people realize the tines can be bent/adjusted (if you don't have the newer model) to fit bigger headtubed bikes as I know some have had issues with that.   I also haven't seen any crown wear yet... but I tend to flip the family bikes within a couple years... maybe that's why?  And my bike is always ride wrapped.

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