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Sept. 20, 2022, 7:49 a.m. -  Kent Tse

I have had two pairs of Vaults with the first pair approaching a decade of riding. In terms of durability, I've smashed them into rocks and mangled the pedal threads to such an extent that new pins won't stay in. The current ones may have revised this but I haven't bothered getting newer ones since the main body is still in okay condition. I got new bike last year with all new geo which means a low BB so I decided to look for pedals that could take the abuse of more rock strikes. After ~2600 km of riding I can conclude that DMR V11 is a good match for me. The composite body is very durable and there are no bends. That said I did manage to sheer a pin and an edge of the body on a really hard strike but for less than 40 Canadian Pesos to replace the pair, I can't complain. The same impact would definitely have bent the Vault.

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