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Sept. 20, 2022, 6:12 a.m. -  neilBar

Hi Andrew Very interesting article  you’re a thoughtful guy   Your Achilles injury probably has similar symptoms to my nerve damage (disc herniation damages sciatic nerve and limits calf functionality). So we both have a weak foot - mine falls into max dorsiflexion too easily. Impacts crush the front of my ankle joint.  I too am adapting standing forward on the pedals  - now I am at last back in the bike (18 months off). I’ve found James Wilson’s Catalyst pedals aid that. I added DMR Moto pins to help me stay on the pedals too. My go to favourite is the Kona WahWah composite   Maybe something that’s helped me would benefit you too.  Dynamic tape  Working with the inventor, I’ve got a good Achilles supportive strategy (expanding on the video below) that’s allowing me to ride rough tracks without pain in the talus area (crease at front of ankle) on impacts   I can’t ride without - even standing to pedal is not really possible  - with I’m fine   Don’t dismiss Dynamic tape as similar to any other tape you might have experienced. It’s properties are very different to kinesiology tape for example.  If your interested, I have some links to videos on application - a couple made by the inventor just for me. They expand on the generic one below   Here’s an example []( If you’d prefer PM me and I’ll send you a set of links.  Neil

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