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Sept. 19, 2022, 11:40 a.m. -  Dave Tolnai

I didn't want to make this too much about my particular injuries, but that's probably some context that would have helped. Years ago, I suffered from hand cramping.  Only in the bike park though.  My whole lower arm would go numb.  I went to physio, and it was due to my hand collapsing onto some tendons when I rode.  Physio gave me some pretty basic hand/thumb exercises and that made all of the difference.  My hands don't bother me when I ride any longer, but I seldom ride park any more. For me, it's two things.  One, I have really pokey elbows and I hit them on things all the time.  At times, they get aggravated while riding.  I'd say this is my biggest problem, and I find that these grips, mostly the winged ones, but some of the others, really help with this.  Why?  I'm going with better wrist support keeping things lined up a little bit better. My other issue is that I jammed my wrist playing ball hockey many years ago.  Again, every once in awhile this gets aggravated again, and it becomes really painful to ride.  These grips have made all the difference for that. Will it help with hand pain?  I'd think some of them could.  SQLab in particular seems all about filling in all the little spaces in your hands that most grips don't, which I would think could eliminate some stress points.  Everybody is a bit different, which is why I wanted to more explain what each grip did best (in my opinion).

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