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Sept. 19, 2022, 9:15 a.m. -  Andy Eunson

I’m using the Ergon GD1 on my hardtail and full suspension bike in the larger diameter. Back in the day I used slim grips because Tomac did. With rigid forks or those 50 mm travel forks my hands would hurt from that child sized grip pounding into my hand. Oury grips were much better. Not so much from the extra cushion but from the larger diameter spreading the force out. Now I always look for the diameter of a grip. 34 ish seems to be a sweet spot for me. My hands wear a medium or size 8 glove usually. I figure as well if the grip is really grippy, you don’t need to death grip the thing which is way easier on the hands and forearms. Oddly enough yesterday I was concentrating on what I did with hands during my ride. I really do have a light grip most of the time. And my hands move a bit cornering flat turns. I kind of rotate the outside hand.  I always wear gloves too. Thin ones with no palm padding.  I’ve used a few ergonomic grips but never the ones with the larger palm flare. Sometimes in spring my elbows hurt a bit after rides but never during rides. That pain was related to snow shovelling. I think lots of times hand and elbow pain and shoulder and neck issues too are from poor bike set up. Steep seat tube angles with low stack. People want to slam the stem and run 25mm rise bars for looks but steep sa will require a more upright stance usually. One grip I liked was one made by PRO. But it was more difficult to set up as I found where it was rotation wise was quite sensitive.  Great review by the way. Gives one food for thought.

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