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Sept. 19, 2022, 7:59 a.m. -  Cr4w

I've got a pair of the large SQ Lab 711. I've got huge hands and most grips come in a single small diameter which is odd because it seems pretty obvious to me that between children and 6'6" men it seems unlikely that one diameter of grip will suit everybody.  I had some Sensus Meaty Paws with a satisfying 35mm diameter but they're basically just a tube. The ESI silicone ones have a stated diameter of 36 which is comical because they squeeze down to virtually nothing and are slippery as eels in the wet. The SQ 711s come in multiple size options and the biggest one, while slightly smaller than the meaty paws in diameter, fits better, feels better, had lovely tacky rubber and work great in the wet.

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