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Sept. 19, 2022, 7:14 a.m. -  Andeh

After battling with some wrist pain (and resolving it after discovering it was just tight forearm muscles), I recently started trying different variations of "normal" grips instead of the RevGrips that I had been running to compensate for my jacked up wrist.  I found I generally preferred grips with cut-away sections through the inner sleeve to add more rubber on the end without making them thicker, and some sort of feature to help stop my hand from rotating.  OneUps have nice cushy rubber, but unfortunately the ribs stop short of the thumb, and I noticed on long days when my hands couldn't hold on, my thumb would rotate under, leading my wrist (and consequently elbows) to drop. Then I tried the GE1s.  I didn't see it mentioned above, but they've got a small triangular wedge on the bottom for your thumb to rest against.  Night and day difference for me.  They are super sensitive to getting the angle right (I found that what works best is to line up the center of the clamp notch with the center of your brake), but once you do, you don't really notice the shape until your hand is trying to rotate under.  Arresting that tendency to rotate has made a big difference in my ability to keep a good attack position on longer descents ("eyes up, elbows out").

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