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Sept. 19, 2022, 5:36 a.m. -  Lynx .

I came to Ergon grips way back when they first started, they were an eye opener, they were masive, used the ones with the smaller bar ends and wings and didn't care if anyone thought they looked goofy. Then they started to refine them for racing etc and I moved to the smaller ones with less wing and bar end and thought they were great, never had any real trouble on tech stuff, but didn't realise that I hadn't even really started to push the tech riding boundaries compared to what I ride now and on what type of bike. I also realised that when doing one of my favourite things, tech climbing, that you actually didn't use the bars ends because you needed your finger son the brakes in case you needed a quick brake check, pause and realignment, so went to regular GE1s IIRC. When the GA3 came out I thought great, just that little bit of wing to give support, but not enough to stop my hand from properly wrapping all the way around the grip for those steep, gnarly times, so I ordered a set. They went on the bike, did one easy ride and they came off, the wings felt like soft noodles, like they needed a little blue pill, no support, just annoying and so I got rid  of them ASAP. Also, on the OG version, the bar plug was an essential part of the grip and provided end support for the grip, but it was designed for the avg bar, not super thin 7075, very thin walled ones and so didn't stay in mine very well at all. I moved to the GA2 because it was a bit thicker than the GE1, which I thought was a bit thin for me. Few years later I gave some nice, chunky, Oury grips a try and fell in love, loved the extra girth, didn't have to try so hard to close my hand to get proper grip, they were nice and soft and comfy without gloves, excellent grip. Then I decided to try a bar with much more back sweep about 6 years ago and that really helped a lot with wrist pain on more pedally type rides where you weren't in the attack position as much. So now I used either the new Oury single clamp lock ons or the GA2 Fat grips, or some OG ODIs. Would  love to try the SQ Lab 710 or even the 70X as I already use the 30X 16 degree sweep bar and absolutely love it, but unless I happen to find someone who has a set to try or someone gives me a set, I think I'm done spending money on stuff I really don't need as my current grips work fine and find that more times than not if I get any hand pain its because I've been messing with seatpost  or saddles and haven't got the saddle exactly to the correct tilt so as to not put weight on my hands.

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