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Sept. 18, 2022, 9:04 p.m. -  We_Are_One_Composites

The packaging of the cables for a floating rear end is challenging. The entry point was very tight, and we had decided that the chain line was more important because having a cassette last longer than a few months was ideal.  I had come from Scott bikes and a Pivot where this routing was the norm and never had an issue. We ran the bike through a year of prototype testing this way and never had an issue. So it was determined to be a safe method for routing. With 500 bikes out in the wild and still no reports of this being a problem, we feel it works as planned.  It was not something that we didn't consider a concession, that is for sure. But the tight packaging and how the rear end moves left very few options for clean execution. The rear grows away from the front, so there is some slack in the line needed. I have had almost three years on my bike, and still not an issue with the exposed cables. If it were of grave concern, one could run braided Goodridge lines. Not sure if they are still making them, though.

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