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Sept. 17, 2022, 8:25 a.m. -  Gage Wright

It's not the cable routing that worries me.  It's the exposure to damage.  Let me paint you a picture... Imagine, it's April in Pemberton.  You have risen from a long winter on the Shore.  The dank smell of moss and rain is still deep within your nostrils.  Instinctually though, you perform one of the two annual migrations to Pemberton for the seasonal riding.  After a long journey past ski tourers and spring corn seekers you and your selected heard of mountain bikers arrive at the promised land.  Snow lines are higher this year, making the group even more restless as they chortle with amiable fondness.  It's time to ride and the group descends Mackenzie Cruise and Cop Killer. Forgetful are those who are not local, for baby heads are plenty.  They fiendishly hide in the dust or brazenly declare their oaths of contention to those who travel their lanes of descent.  They are the serpents fangs to your precious stallion of carbon and sculpted metal.  The ruts leave little choice between the sharp rock and exposed hillside.  You are to ride into the maw of this voracious animal.   A crescendo of sickening pings rings eery death to your hopes that today would be type one fun.  No injuries, no harm to your bikes.  Lay low your hopes and dreams naive soul.  Today the mountain dines on you. Point being.  It would suck to have cables cut or crushed.  It would suck more if these were just replaced and you spent an hour feeding said cables through hard to reach places but reassured yourself that, "hey once this is done it's another year before we do it again". I guess I am hoping there is an explanation for this design that either you or Dustin can speak to directly.

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