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Sept. 17, 2022, 1:23 a.m. -  danithemechanic

My question wasn't based on how tall am i but rather in understanding the reasons behind the choiche of developing a spectrum of sizes that might not be enough to cover all humans, the shortest but also the tallest. Since lately geometries have been going to extremes toward the tallest, i was curious to understand why the trend looks like some companies don't bother anymore selling bikes to short people. Since yours is a beautiful bike that creates a lot of interest (i couldn't find a negative comment on pinkbike about it!) it felt like a good opportunity to ask. You made clear it's about cost investments in production, but how you determine which size of people could be your main customers? Is it based on a research or you compromise over the geo on the two end of the spectrum sizes hoping it would fit all but some?

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