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Sept. 16, 2022, 8:49 p.m. -  handsomedan

I’m a big fan of WAO and have three of their wheelsets.  I want to love this bike but there are a few deal breakers. 1\. Low stack height.  I know you could run high ride bars, but my wrists / anatomy lines up best with 12 or 14 degrees of backsweep.  Nobody that I know of is making a high rise bar with that much backsweep.  Wish someone were though.  Love sq labs bars, but high rise they are not.  2\. Seat post insertion on the largest sizes isn’t enough.  It’d be hard to ride less than a 210 dropper having ridden one for a few years now.  3\. Small diameter seat tube.  I’d love to see a seatpost diameter that takes 34.9 because that’s the way things are headed for good reason.  4\. Trunnion mount - hard to get past this one.  Would have been cool to see some trick spherical bearings on the mount (like Nicolai uses I believe) to keep shocks working and/or a regular mount. 5\. Super boost.  Could probably look past this if it were the only one on the list.  I have three wheel sets that can all be interchanged if needed which is super awesome when repairs are needed.  This kills that convenience.  In spite of all of that I’d still be keen to ride one and see if the bike is that amazing (combined with the great service from wao and the fact that it’s made local with local parts etc.) to win me over.

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