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Sept. 16, 2022, 11:20 a.m. -  Cam McRae

I pulled links only off the bare frame and then installed the new links and the shock. It was an easy job - about ten minutes but as Pete said you’ll likely want to swap the fork as well. I guess you could run a 170 fork full time and swap in the 152 links and shock to improve pedalling but that might mess with the geo too much. We need one of those old adjustable travel forks like the old Rockshox U-turn.  A back to back comparison on the EXT and SDUC is tricky because they are on different bikes. Kinematics matter and filtering out the difference between the way the split infinity system works and the dual link system WR1 uses and isolating the function of shocks is above my pay grade. A bit like driving a Porsche and then a Ferrari and explaining which tires you prefer it seems to me. Isolating factors for bike testing is hard and removing variables is an essential part of that process for me. I’ll see if there’s the possibility to try an EXT on the Arrival 170 though. It’s a worthwhile endeavour to be sure.

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