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Sept. 16, 2022, 8:06 a.m. -  Gage Wright

I have been looking forward to this review for a long time and clearly I am excited about it as I read a bike article before 8am.   Like you said, the 152 would be a great bike for anywhere else (almost).  When I hear a bike does not hold up to steep, chunky square edge hits I have to pass on it.  Sorry 152 Arrival but the category of the under biked bike is filled up by my hardtail.   That 170 though...interesting.  The build spec still impresses me.  Even in places where Dustin could save money he invested in the bike.  Did you notice the Cane Creek 110 headset?  I doubt many people do but that is a headset you don't just pop out and throw away when it starts to creak.  Still, I think the old builds had Chris King headsets no?  I like CK stuff more and the company values of CK seem to align with that of WR1.   Cam can you compare WR1 bars and stem to Oneup bars?  Gun to your bike, what would you choose?   Excellent review but there is one photo missing.  Can we get a photo of the BB area?  Any damage?  I notice you did not run a bash guard on this build.  Was that intentional or are there no ISCG mounting tabs?  How did that exposed cable dangling ever closer to death by rock rolls and trail detritus hold up?  If you are looking for a demon look there. See you on the trails. G

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