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Sept. 13, 2022, 10:12 a.m. -  Lynx .

You know Tim, I've heard a lot who have ridden the Shape Shifter equipped bikes rave about them and you have me thinking, but I think to take on that additional amount of service work, it's have to effect my ride like how a dropper post has changed riding an MTB, something people would rather have and give up suspension. Trying to see if I get this right, you're saying that in "pedal mode" it remains just as active, just firmer, as in the open setting? You say extra pedal clearance, but actually curious how much that is, because you write like it's a 25mm> raise in BB height or something? For/to me, I can definitely feel the raise in BB height, STA and HTA when I use a climb/compression switch, on some bikes much more than others - I remember on my first 29er, a Rip9 gen1, if I only flipped the compression on the shock and not the fork, it felt like I was pedaling a plough into the ground, unless I was climbing something 8%>. On my Banshees I don't get that same feeling, you feel it raise and stiffen up, but doesn't feel like you're ploughing into the ground.

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