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Sept. 12, 2022, 9:27 a.m. -  IslandLife

Couple things: 1\. C'mon Canyon... that reach is getting crazy, you say stack is low, so you had to add quite a bit to the stack which depending on how much, could reduce your reach by a reasonable amount.  But when I look at the geo chart... those stacks aren't really that low... the large head tube is 120mm with a stack of 642, that's a little low, but pretty typical is it not?  I probably wouldn't add many, if any, spacers... so then my size large reach is pretty much all of that 510 in descend mode?  That's huge!  I would definitely size down on these bikes, which I can do... smaller people though... reach of 460 in size small??  That's the reach of some company's size large's!  Great bike for extra big people... 535 on the XL... that's gotta be one of, if not the, biggest reach available, no?  Nevermind just looked at Geometron's geo table (470 to 555, oof!), anyway, among the "normal" bikes... they must be one of the biggest.  But who knows maybe I need to get on one to see, which is a problem for "mail order" bikes... no matter how many reviews I read, I would need to demo something with a 510 reach before pulling the trigger. 2\. Why hasn't Canyon set up a basic Canadian office so that customers can avoid the crazy duty (a la YT)?  It doesn't have to much... again YT is a good example, and I bet they'd sell a lot more bikes to Canadians.  They're announcement of finally "coming to Canada" was funny... it was more of a "we've finally decided to start shipping to Canada, but you guys still have to eat the crazy duty" announcement. While you say it's still a good value... no way do I consider that a good value when I'm forced to pay a ridiculous tax just for bringing the product across a border... especially when a customer a few kms away from me is paying $1000 less... and the the bike company doesn't even see a dime!  Nope.

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