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Sept. 12, 2022, 5:10 a.m. -  Lynx .

Glad to see the full follow up on this, seems like the bike "fit" you well and that's kind of what I'd expect living where you do. To me though, again, while the Shapeshifter thing might give you an option for "lesser", more pedally trails, the resulting super steep STA would make that not a nice experience IMHO, to me it's only really for when you encounter climbs with a DH or to do the boring climb up, or if you're lucky, might be nice for tech climbs, but then again, can't see a 64.5* HTA being nice on steep techy climbs with such a short CS.  Also again to the size SM having a 455mm Reach WTF :facepalm: Jack no longer responds to his YT comment section on sizing, so I think Canyon are a bit touchy on this fact and have probably had a "discussion" with him about talking about sizing.  Again I'll bring up a point/question I did in another bike review article of the race team running "X" components and then the actual bikes offered for sale running completely different - here it's a complete reverse, the race team run full SRAM, yet on both of the offerings for these, they're kitted with full Shimano. This is weird to me. _\[edit to add\] They have also added a team replica build with full SRAM now._

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