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Sept. 9, 2022, 8:40 a.m. -  Cydwhit

As this idea was initially conceived, for the NAEC, I was trying to set myself up to race+paint and the goal was to have all art pieces pre-finished to the point that I could do two or three per gondola ride. That was hectic and exhausting. But now that I'm swapping to not racing, I think it opens up a lot more space to actually draw on site, which is my goal for the next events I do this at. Ideally I'd show up at the venue with my art supplies and a blank canvas. And with how much spare time I had at this race, I think that will be realistic to do. I need to play around more with permanent inks. I don't have any formal art education, so I've sort of been wandering from medium to medium, trying to figure out what's portable and easy to work with, so I definitely appreciate the recommendation. I've also been dabbling in alcohol ink markers, which might be my favorite medium right now (some of these pieces have alcohol ink elements). They're not a realistic option to race with due to their size, but if I'm riding with a Media plate, I can haul a big backpack around and do more mixed media pieces with them on site. At the NAEC I had someone request exactly what you suggest "Can you paint my kid!?" Which, I'm very down to do, but it is a little more expensive than most folks want to spontaneously pay on a race weekend haha. Still trying to figure out the process so I can offer more affordable options. Thanks so much for the feedback!

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