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Sept. 9, 2022, 8:26 a.m. -  Lynx .

Figured with how the borders looked you probably were pre-printing them, and to me that makes a lot of sense to have a consistent frame _(although the slight variation of hand drawn would also be cool, but time consuming until it's not after repetition)_ but thought you were capturing the images on a camera or phone and then drawing them "on site".  Wasn't sure on the pen, as these days I know there's lots of more affordable options, but back in the day it was basically only rapidograph if you wanted something like that. They weren't cheap, but they worked fantastic and with a set of 5, you had all the line thicknesses you'd need, generally. Like the watercolour abilities and look, but as you say, if they get wet could cause some problems, so wondering if you've considered using permanent inks that would then be water proof? I remember back in college they could give the same effect as water colours, just with much more permanence and a bit more work to get the effect/blending. Definitely think this is a very cool idea instead of the stock photo/video only coverage of an event. Next logical step is doing individual rider versions from still images that races could purchase - _of course with a little artistic license thrown in to help improve the overall aesthetics._

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