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July 23, 2015, 5:21 p.m. -  Peter Leeds

#!markdown It is hard to believe that for years Marzocchi was the shit on the shore. In fact, for years, it had AT LEAST 90% share, and now look at it. This should be a textbook case for anyone in business that going cheap and thinking of the bottom line always costs you. I have been riding for 33 years and have tried them all….but the Bomber by Marzocchi was well made, heavy and supple. But when they went cheap and went overseas it all went south. More interesting: to think of the time when they were the bomb and if you told Bryston Martin in the US this would be the case he would of thought you stoned. But once you lose consumer confidence, and especially about riding in North Van, you never get it back. There is no Marzocchi buzz anymore, and they lost it all. Glad my Monster Ts are holding up so well, with lots of spare parts and a spare fork to boot. Perhaps there will be a sale at the Marzocchi service centre in North Van. They have some sweet old school stuff. And to Marzocchi: thanks for screwing up one of the best things going all to make more money. When you are out of business guess what: you make none.

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