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Aug. 23, 2022, 7:10 a.m. -  kcy4130

It's the worst when you raise the alarm medically and it turns out to be nothing. The fireman story reminded me of a similar experience. This spring I was at work on a normal day and part of my wrist and hand started to feel odd, 10 minutes later the area was going numb and turning purple. Obviously concerned, I drove the few minutes to the hospital, walked straight to my wife's desk (she works at the hospital). By this point half my hand and wrist were deep purple almost black and feeling very strange. Anyways, got an immediate appointment with a doc and was going thru the usual pre doc checks and questions they always do with a nurse who's a friend of ours. My wife and our nurse friend reacted in the usual way: "that looks really bad!" In the 15 minutes or so from when I arrived till the doc walked in my hand/wrist had started returning to normal. By the time I'd answered all the docs questions and she was actually poking/prodding at my arm it was ~70% back to feeling and looking normal, and while I was still pretty concerned, I was beginning to feel a bit foolish. She was doing the "does it hurt when I do this" thing and I was struggling to explain how it was feeling and that it had felt/looked much worse a very short time before. She was kind and obviously a very good doctor. She ruled out anything major, and discussed various things it could be or could have been. Anyways a couple tests later and I was fine. Never did find out for sure what it had been, probably a short lived blood clot that got broken up. I'm glad my wife and our friend saw it tho, as otherwise I would have felt a lot more foolish.  My condolences, heal well. Try fly fishing, it's low heart rate but fun.

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