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Aug. 12, 2022, 9:24 p.m. -  Andrew Major

Since the Highline (and remote) came out I've been saying Crankbrothers needs to make it maybe 2cm longer. It just needs a bit more leverage. Then all the good remotes came out with a cartridge bearing and I started saying they really need to switch to a bearing. But all that aside it's a genuinely usable remote. I have one on my commuter rig.  You should be able to pick one up CHEAP given how many people have swapped theirs out for a Wolf Tooth, or Paul, or E13, or whatever?! I'm almost certain you know someone who has one in their toolbox.  Yeah, the anodized bolt and washers help make the bodged bolt look a little more deliberate. There are cleaner cable crimping options out there but I've been happy with this. If I REALLY cared I'd swap to having the cable head in the remote and capturing the cable at the post end. I'm really not bothered by running a post that way and I even have a barrel that I think would fit the OneUp post.

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