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Aug. 9, 2022, 8:28 a.m. -  Raymond Epstein

I am huge fan of the Wickflows and have turned many onto them. They it make so I can ride in the swampy, soup-thick humidity down here in Georgia without my eyes and glasses getting drenched in minutes. A couple of tips: Do Not put them through the wash as they will be destroyed. I simply wring them out, spray them with an essential oil mist (pick a scent you like/add about 20 drops to spray bottle filled with water and shake before lightly spraying) and let them air dry. This BTW works incredibly well for armor and things that are a PITA to put through the wash. Second, wear the Wickflow band low on your forehead so the bottom is just above your brows. The front pad of your helmet should sit firmly against the band as it is not that effective if your helmet is loose. Lastly, when it's really hot and you are sweating like a pig tip your head up, push on the front of your helmet and the sweat will be directed to the sides past the silicone bead. Repeat as necessary.

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