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Aug. 5, 2022, 10:09 a.m. -  Cooper Quinn

Building a quick cart on, the CF8 is gonna cost you north of CAD$7,300 to get on your doorstep, unassembled. You're either using your time (which has a value), or paying a mechanic to build it from there.  The Bronson Mike tested is many things, but "equivalent" isn't one. It was an XO1 AXS CC Reserve, and hardly a fair comparison on price. Spec wise, an XT level Bronson \*is\* more expensive, but a GX level build can be had for US$6,300, or XT for US$7,400.  So yes, the price is different, and yes you need more disposable income for Bronson, but not double. (and, yes, you do need a lot of disposable income for a top tier build these days... the prices are eyewatering).

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