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Aug. 3, 2022, 12:30 p.m. -  Adam Brown

Almost nothing stock. I've had the bike for a few years now and moved lots of old parts onto it. I've got a Shimano preference, so all the SRAM stuff got replaced with XT 11 speed (except a lovely SRAM cassette). I run Dissector front, with an Aggressor rear. I don't think about tires anymore. That set up works great for me. I still have the stock Super Deluxe and a 34 Grip up front. Super happy with both. I know a piggy-back is an aesthetic thing at times, but I really enjoy the Super Deluxe. I've run them on other bikes and have had great luck. In its stock form, I loved the bike at slower speed, tech stuff, but it was really out of its league on higher speed rough trails. Just not fun to ride in that kind of stuff. The mullet has made it more capable and still super fun. I'm really tempted by an angleset now, though I've got very few complaints with how it rides at the moment. My local trails are tame.![]( [](

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