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Aug. 3, 2022, 6:02 a.m. -  cheapondirt

At the Aeffect R price point, a strong competitor is Giant's Pinner Pro Mg. It's about the size of a Dagga, similar in price and weight to Oneup Aluminum, and I find the platform very comfortable. Of the pedals I've tried recently (Oneup Comp, DMR Vault) it's the most invisible underfoot and doesnt give up much grip vs. the Vault. There are a couple of strikes against: magnesium is soft, and in a quick search I didn't find a rebuild kit (haven't asked in store yet). $170 cad is an awkward price point. A lot of money, but not enough to compete against the top options, which don't cost that much more by percentage. And especially when the body is magnesium, you _really_ have to like the design to choose it over 2.5 pairs of plastic pedals. To finally get back on topic, it seems like the Atlas might actually present a better value than the Aeffect R!?

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