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Aug. 2, 2022, 6:55 a.m. -  Tjaard Breeuwer

Interesting about rim width. My experience the last year or 2 has been the opposite. It’s the tire profile in cross section that’s the issue. I thought the same thing: 2.8 on 40mm, 2.4 on 30mm, so 2.6 on 35mm. I bought a 2.6 Slaughter, put it on a 35mm rim and pulled it right off. It was completely flat across the crown, with sidewalls sticking out past the tread. On a 30 mm rim it’s perfectly shaped, and the 2.8 fit nicely on the 35mm rim. I have a 2.6 Assegai on a 30mm rim, and it’s a great shape, I can’t imagine it would have a good shape on a 35mm rim. Same with the 2.6 Butcher(although, that’s really a 2.5, so…). The Vigilante 2.6 on 28 mm rim has a great shape, but certainly could go wider, I just don’t have a wider rimmed front wheel to test it, still I worry 35mm might be too much. I like the idea of wider tires and wider rims, especially in the front, but, despite Maxxis’ “wide-trail” label, there seems to be lack of wide enough tread to cover the casing on wide rims.

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