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Aug. 1, 2022, 6:09 p.m. -  Lynx .

Hahaha, another good one Andrew, especially the call out on Giant's failure in the early 29er market and then their UTTER BS 650B push as the greatest thing since sliced bread, when in fact it's so much closer to a 26" wheel than a 29" it's not funny. Definitely think this would benefit immensely having a 29" front wheel on a bit less travel fork -  I did it with my OG '05 Trance 26" rear/29" front, REBA fork lowered to 80mm travel _(maybe 100mm can't recall for sure)_, MAJOR improvement, made it so I could actually ride it with some confidence and have fun, this after moving to 29ers 2007 _(did the conversion in '08)._ Actually it felt and worked a bit more balanced when I put a 650B on the front in 2012, neither experiment was long lasted, just fun experiments to see "what if". ![Trance 26/29 Mullet 2008]( ![Trance 26/650B Mullet 2012](

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