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Aug. 1, 2022, 1:46 p.m. -  Andrew Major

I'm evolving my thoughts on it all. I just got back from what I'd call my first proper ride since my injury in January. Out with my friend Mr. Lungtastic pushing things a little bit on the climb (so out of shape) and even on the descent (Blue/Black trail - certainly still dialing it back the right amount).  I was only my own 120-ish/120mm bike. Mulleted, scraping pedals, somewhere around a 63.5° head tube angle static. This means even if I fully bottom the fork with the rear shock locked out (which doesn't happen) I'd be riding a slacker bike than a lot of previous gen 120mm machines. I run the same tires I was running on the 150mm/170mm Banshee Titan. Same brakes. Same length of dropper post. There are many places that the Titan beats the snot out of my little Rifty in a straight line, but this bike climbs better out of the saddle, is significantly more pumpy and playful, and loves to be worked down the trail. And, I'll be riding exactly the same terrain on it. I think that's cool. Not a brand thing, I think an angleset-equipped Banshee Phantom would be a joy too.  I don't want to give up fun on the descents but I'll happily give up a bit of speed for an overall experience I'm looking for. I am the person who loves rigid \#1FG riding though so certainly measure out some salt when reading my opinions on bike travel.

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