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Aug. 1, 2022, 1:18 p.m. -  Justin White

Hmm, I figured short travel might actually benefit more from LSC adjustment. Being able to precisely resist body weight movements and keep the rear dynamically in the sweet spot of that itty bitty travel could do wonders to keep it in the supple traction zone and away from the bottom-out zone, or the "wall of progression" zone if it's already stuffed full of tokens to avoid those bottom-outs. Piggyback also makes it a bit easier to make weird tweaks like more IFP pressure for even more end-stroke progression beyond, or in place of, max tokens, which could also be useful for short travel. Like I said, I can't tell exactly what shock it is, it may not even have LSC adjust. Just offering up why I would always* pick a piggyback for reasons other than "needing" more oil, or aesthetics, no matter the travel. *(I prefer the feel of Fox, but they also have zero non-piggyback options with LSC adjustment more than the same 3 granular choices in open mode)

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