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July 29, 2022, 6:19 a.m. -  Martin

Thanks for the great read Mike. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one with that life/fitness cycle! A few years ago, for  few consecutive years, I had one stupid crash at every beginning of season, putting my riding on hold for 1-2 months. Also losing wage each year because of said accidents, after 20 years of riding and passion for bikes, I decided it was enough and sold my bikes except for my commuter. (Funnily, just as I started working in a bike shop as a mechanic for a few months). Then I started riding again 2 years later and it was like I was starting over anew and I really enjoyed it. That first year I had a few stupid crashes, then the next one another one... those traumatized me a bit and I'm still trying to overcome not thinking about crashing anywhere. I don't why I wrote this, but anyway, what I wanted to get to is that in your writing, I found a new vision or approach to riding. I realize that I am often influenced by my riding friends and their way to see riding bikes. Some just go for the epic rides that leave me completely empty halfway (cool sometimes), some ride the gnarliest trails at full speed (used to be me, not that much anymore), some are chill and just talk the whole ride (cool sometimes). If I rode more with one of those, I would get in that mindset and mold myself to that way of riding for the whole season. Then I'd try to progress as a rider to get better in that particular discipline/approach. Earlier this year, (I'll be paraphrasing here), you said that if one doesn't feel like riding, then so be it and don't force things. Well I listened and only rode twice this year so far haha! As summer passes by, I'm starting to feel like riding again now, and I'm glad to have found a new inspirational riding attitude : the Ferrentino way, which in my head means : it's okay if it's not always perfect, just follow your guts. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this feels more human and it is exactly the kind of inspiration that I needed to "begin" this riding season. Thanks Mike!

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